Membership will be open to any scientist satisfying one of the following criteria:

  1. Holder of a Ph.D., or an M.Phil degree or its equivalent in physics or a related subject from a recognized University.
  2. A teacher of Physics in a University.
  3. A research physicists in an R&D; organization or an educational institution.
    • Membership of an applicant will be confirmed by the Executive Council.
    • The membership fee will be Rs. 10/- and the annual subscription will be Rs. 100/-.


The following explanations and interpretations of the Constitution were made by the Executive Council of the Society at its first meeting held on March 15, 1990.

  1. The annual subscription would be for a calendar year.
  2. Period of membership would also be for a calendar year, which would be annually renewed only after the payment of the annual subscription.
  3. The members shall be given an option of life membership at a subscription of Rs. 1000/-. This subscription will be deposited in a fixed deposit account.
  4. Section IV dealing with the membership of the Society would be interpreted to mean as follows:
  1. In sub-section (a), "related subject" means any of the following:
    • Applied Mathematics,
    • Electronics,
    • Materials Science, and
    • Physical Metallurgy.
  2. In sub-section (b), a teacher of physics in a university includes a teacher of a constituent (but not of an affiliated) college of a University.
  3. In sub-section (c), a research physicist means a person satisfying the following two conditions:
  1. who holds at least an M. Sc. degree, and
  2. who is employed as a full time research worker in an R&D; organization, or in an educational institution under a research project sponsored or funded by a research grant.

For any change in Membership's Details, please contact Secretary PPS.